Lose Weight, Increase Flexibility and Gain Strength – One Simple Workout a Day

8 Minutes a Day Will Change Your Life

Everyone wants to look better at the beach or for that big social event. Unfortunately not all of us have the time to get to the gym everyday for 1 – 2 hours. Sticking to a strict diet can also be problematic for most of us. Even if you do stick to a strict diet that is not enough to maintain and build muscle and burn fat.


Everyone knows the formula to a healthy, eat well, exercise often and burn more calories than you intake. Most of us don’t have the time to track our caloric intake. Most of us don’t have access to the best quality foods all the time and that’s okay! 


Adding this simple workout to your morning routine will help jump start your digestion, increase your base metabolic rate and increase your overall calories burned everyday. On top of all of that it will increase your energy levels and give you that feel good feeling right at the beginning of your day! 

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The Workout

This routine is relatively low intensity but modifications can be made to fit your current strength and endurance levels. Below is the overall view of the workout, I will go over different modifications to either increase or decrease intensity. Take 30 seconds of rest between each exercise.


  1. 1 Minute of Squats
  2.  30 Seconds Rest
  3. 1 Minute of Push Ups
  4.  30 Seconds Rest
  5. 1 Minute Plank 
  6.  30 Seconds Rest
  7. 1 Minute of Hip Bridges
  8.  30 Seconds Rest
  9. 1 Minute of Mountain Climbers
  10.  30 Seconds Rest
  11. 1 Minute of Flutter Kicks

8.5 minutes everyday is all you need to improve and maintain your health and physical abilities! 

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Easy: Using your own body weight, feet about shoulder width apart, squat down keeping your hips above your feet and engaging the glutes!

Hard: Add some weight! Grab some books, a backpack or a dumbbell if you have it. Hold that weight centered to your body and SQUAT!

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Push Ups

Easy: If you have trouble with push ups, try starting from your knees instead, KEEP THE BODY STRAIGHT. Do not bend at the waist. 

Hard: Regular Push ups! Body straight, butt in line with shoulders and ankles. Give it all you’ve got! 

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Easy: If you have trouble holding plank try starting from your knees. Just remember to keep your body straight and butt inline with the shoulders and knees! 

Hard: Regular Planks! Body straight, butt in line with shoulders and ankles. Give it all you’ve got! If you’re looking for more of a challenge up the time to 2 minutes! 

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Hip Bridges

Easy: Hold the hip bridge for 1 minute engaging the glutes!

Hard: Instead of holding the hip bridge, rep it out! Just like push ups, except with your butt! 1 minute of Hip Bridges and GO! 

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Mountain Climbers

Easy: Mountain Climbers, starting in an extended push up position, bring one knee at a time and try to touch your elbow. 

Hard: If that’s too easy for you try picking up the pace and adding a small hop in between knee movements.

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Flutter Kicks

Easy: Laying on your back put your hands beneath the small of the back in a diamond shape. Lift your feet about 6 inches off the floor and perform small little kicks. 

Hard: Add some weight! Ankle weights work great, if you don’t have ankle weights it’s time to grab those work boots. Add weight any way possible.

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8.5 Minutes a Day to Improve and Maintain Physical Conditioning!